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    Aylesbury Life was founded in 2022 by Jocelyn Chappell.

    After a career teaching Computer Science to a wide range of students in Leighton Buzzard and Aylesbury, UK, Jocelyn had a sense that God was calling him to be churchwarden at Holy Trinity Aylesbury during a clergy vacancy, and also as part of that to spend some time learning about his faith, and exploring questions like, "What is it about God that makes him insterested in us?" and "How can we best respond?". 

    And so, Jocelyn lost no opportunity to pick up and read books recommended by the many and fine preachers that visited Holy Trinity during the Clergy Vacancy. And as part of that process God seemed to be suggesting a vehicle from his teaching career to help organise his learning and perhaps to organise it for the benefit of others. And thus, Aylesbury Life was born Monday 11 July 2022. Although at that time it has to be said, Jocelyn didn't have a clue the shape Aylesbury Life would eventually take.

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